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History of Science

At Dispersal of Darwin: Darwin and Brocchi. Update on “A History of the Ecological Sciences”. Darwin’s theory (postcard). Darwin in Journal of the History of the Neurosciences.

Can History and Philosophy of Science be Applied in Socially Relevant Ways? Does Newton feign an hypothesis? Narrow and Broad Historiography and Self-Interested History. Jean Baptiste Lamarck: Founder of Lamarckian Evolution. Visual representations: Giants’ Shoulders #28.


Mandelbrot and Akaike: from taxonomy to smooth runways (pioneering work in fractals and self-similarity). Kwame Anthony Appiah on Honour. Neuroscience and free will: religion and science do not always disagree. Morals Without God? Does God’s omnipotence extend to vision? The study of society last part (Robert Paul Wolff). Can There Be a Science of Morality? [Nope] Little ‘Value’ in New Harris Book. At the Guardian: Socrates – a man for our times. Malmesbury bids to become UK’s first ‘philosophy town’. Atheists and believers can get along.


Thomas Aquinas: Saint of Evolutionary Psychologists? A Cornucopia of Darwinian Gems; a book review by Dr. Donald R. Prothero. Nothing in Economics Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution? 2010 Homology High-Low Count (misuses of “homology”). The chaos theory of evolution. Sex with thee and the last woman (the origin and maintenance of sex).


At Epiphenom: Understanding segregation in American Churches. Young kids can’t help believing what they’re told.

Pascal Boyer: The Fracture of an Illusion: It turns out that being religious improves your evolutionary fitness.

Secularism and Methodological Naturalism.

Is there evidence for God? What’s adequate evidence for God in principle? Coyne: Can there be evidence for God? PZ M-brane: It’s like he was reading my mind and Underwhelmed is putting it mildly and There aren’t any zogweebles, either.

Jerry Coyne and Mark Oppenheimer on the LA humanism conference (and some random observations). Fallout from Accommodation/Confrontation Debate Continues. A Prak-tical guide to confrontationalism and accommodationism.


Riding the Spore Wind at Small Things Considered. Asteroid may have triggered evolution. E. O. Wilson, Harrison Ford Ask You to Give a Damn About Biodiversity. Who’s that old guy sitting next to Ed Wilson? Running With Arenahippus. 8000 years of genetic engineering in your fruitbowl. Neolithic milk fog. In Memoriam: George Christopher Williams, 1926–2010. Different but equal: the implausible assumption at the heart of neutral theory. Societies evolve in steps. What does it mean that a nation is ‘Unscientific’?


Glenn Beck, Evolution, Global Warming & Tea Parties. Boycott Fox “Thug” TV. Contingent Education?: How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids.


A really cool comic series of steampunk about Babbage and Lovelace. Infographic: Earth’s Atmosphere Top to Bottom. The Book Collection That Devoured My Life.

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  1. It would have taken me thirty minutes to get to the LA conference, but I chose not to go. I thought that if most of the folks there were like the commenters at Pharyngula, I would have no-one to talk to unless I shut up to blend in or risk the contempt aimed at “accommodationists” like you and me. It is too bad that so many of them never learned or have forgotten the ethic of reciprocity.


  2. I wish them’s were fightin words, but you may be right. This old woman is dumping the cat off her lap and going to bed. Later, old man.


      1. Poor kitty. Poor starved kitty, that never, ever gets fed enough. Who shows her opinion about being removed from lap by taking up lots of room in her servant’s bed instead.


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