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Killer-Klowns-from-Outer-Space-Horror-Movie-Cult-Classic-Popcorn-Cotton-Candy-DVD-Circus-Tent.jpg I really have to do these more often… but I’ve been teaching.
Formulating Questions in the History of Science at the new Philadelphia Area Center for the History of Science blog, PACHSmörgåsbord. Also, Surveying “The Giant’s Shoulders”, the blog carnival. Also Popular History of Science for the American G.I..

The Legend of Ambroise Paré and the “Liberation” of Surgery.

The Dispersal of Darwin has Asa Gray born 200 years ago, how to celebrate. Also Darwin’s progress and the problem of slavery. Also Dispatches from the Evolution Wars: Shifting Tactics and Expanding Battlefields. And finally, “What’s New” at Darwin Online (large update).

Sex, Evolution, and the Case of the Missing Polygamists at The Primate Diaries.

Shoehorning science: Darwin and group selection: was Darwin a group selectionist?

A new blog at Nature Networks: Evolverie.

Why young adults change their religious beliefs at Epiphenom. Another killer piece. Also Suicide, age and poison, on the correlation between Protestantism and the higher rate of suicide. Turns out, it may not be economic.

Technological Determinism, Scientific Reasoning, and Leslie White discusses, among other things, Jacques Ellul, a name I haven’t heard in a long while.

Anthony Appiah dismisses Sam Harris’ new book at the NYT. We told you so, says Josh… coincidentally Tim Dean rediscovers Westermarck, the source of ethical relativism.

Vive l’histoire! – the history of France the way it should be done.

Carl Zimmer reports on updates to the Vitruvian Man diagram.

The study of society — a response to Luke’s mother, by Robert Paul Wolff on preliminaries to the study of society. Wolff is also trying to raise funds for South African student scholarships.

The Problem with Running Millionaires for Office.

The RNA dreamtime: Modern cells feature proteins that might have supported a prebiotic polypeptide world but nothing indicates that RNA world ever was.

How writing fits into the life of a philosopher.

Turnbull and the ‘spirit’ of the experimental method: the origins of experimental philosophy of morality.

Evolution Among the Trilobites – Part 2; Chris Nedin reports on paedomorphosis in trilobite evolution.

The Dingo – Australia’s Wildlife Watchdog – Brian Switek notes that dingoes actually increase diversity through predation. So much for Jeff McMahon’s dislike of predators.

What scientists want: Robert Boyle’s to-do list: note that this is the 17th century and one of them is “The Transmutation of Species in Mineralls, Animals, and Vegetables.”

Glenn Beck is obsessed with Hitler and Woodrow Wilson. (I’m just saying.) Amateur history indeed.

The Ins & Outs of Those Mysterious Microcompartments at Small Things Considered. What do they do?

The reality of a universal language faculty? Melody suggests it isn’t…

Martin Robbins at the Guardian blog site spoofed science journalism with a “meta” entry. Here, he explains why and what to draw from it. I’ll have more to say about this shortly.

Did Charles Darwin stick pins into babies? Of course not.

If genes are pleiotropic (if they work together) in a modular fashion, complexity becomes cheap. Also, increasing complexity might be the default in evolution.

Teaching of philosophy made easier with new philosophy resource – for primary school children. Corrupt their minds when they’re young, I say!

Intersections Between Baptist Theologians and Reformational Philosophers: Pinnock, Grenz, and Smith – how conservative theologians deal with those who are trying to reconcile theology with the modern world. And, Closer Look at Rift Between Humanists Reveals Deeper Divisions – how the new atheist movement deals with the older style of conciliatory humanists.

Ever wondered how to do metaphysics? Metaphysics and method.

Why we don’t need transhumanism by Massimo Pigliucci. I think we don’t need it because it’s based on falsehoods.

This Week in Intelligent Design – 05/10/10 – Jack’s always worth checking out.

Sverige först med att transplantera livmödrar – it means that the Swedes are about to do a uterus transplant. In humans. In a while…

A Final Verdict on the Nazi Philosopher: Heidegger. Really? The last word? He don’t know philosophers very well, do he?

Now for some papers:

PCAS Volume 61 – a lot of free PDFs on Darwin in the Galápagos.

Popper’s Darwinian Analogy by Bence Nanay.

God, Design, and Evolution: A Teleological Argument for Atheism by Raymond Bradley.

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  1. Vive l’histoire! – the history of France the way it should be done.

    Oh Gods, not another one of those whig histories.


  2. Shame to see humanists quarrelling.

    I suspect the new leader may not be Gnu, rather he is just a lawyer. More interested in the law and rules than in justice or being humane.


  3. Cheers for the link. How do you find the time to find all of these? I don’t think I have to go anywhere else to get my regular dose of intelligent Internet. :p


  4. I’m planning to publish my own linkfest later today, so I’m impatiently reading these in case there’s something I want to pinch. Don’t know yet.

    I note in passing the opening sentence in the Closer Look Between Humanists article: “You can tell something about a man by what he names his dog.” This is true (I assume the writer meant to include women too). Look at my family, where dog names are often excruciating puns, like Woodja (as in woodja do this, etc). Tells you something, it does.


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