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nowayout.jpg A lot of religion-based ones today.

People with heterodox beliefs are less intelligent. So says Razib, anyway, based on the General Social Survey. The Republican Party is lying to “defend its values”, says Psychology Today blogger Christopher Lane. Religious people are more likely to want criminals to die, at Epiphenom. A bunch of religious wackos (really, there’s no less offensive way to describe them) think that Galileo was wrong and the universe is centered on the earth. Ethan Siegel shows why this is not even coherent. The philosophy of religion: is it something an atheist can take seriously at all?

Okay, now for something completely different. What is a theory? The Gettier counterexamples. A couple of good student essays.

It’s not attention deficit, it’s attention allocation that’s the problem, reports Jonah Lehrer.

Apparently straight line curve fitting is a Bad Idea.

Guillaume le Gentil was a very unlucky astronomer. Really unlucky.

Hybrids may be evolutionarily useful.

I had a hand in a new term: moral ecology.

Facebook blocked, with no explanation, a page for those opposed to mandatory internet filtering.

And apparently a UK teenager has been banned by the FBI from the US, for life, for saying that the president is a prick in an email to the White House. So freedom of speech only applies to Americans. I’m pretty sure that was not what the founding fathers had in mind.

And this is post 3000 at ET.

8 thoughts on “No Link Out

  1. re “What is a theory?”
    I unerstand the motivation to treat ‘theory’ as incorporating a positive judgment regarding the epistemic status of what is posited in order to counter silly claims like “Evolution is just a theory.” But that doesn’t comport well with the traditional use of the term, even among sober (or drunken) scientists who are not actively engaged in culture wars. Theories are often put forward before there is any hard evidence to support them. And that’s as it should be, since we need to refer to a theory in order even to determine what would count as evidence pro or con.


  2. Come on!
    Confetti, noise, balloons, even magicians, but for cake you will need to dance, or else…do another 3000 posts.

    Congrats anyway, JSW.

    That Lane item is frightening. Can it really be so bad in the US?

    I thought *Australia’s* level of debate was poor.


  3. That epiphenom’s killerminded religious -link was important to me !
    Here in local science-forum (hijacked by creationists) I was nearly crucifixed for claiming that believers want to have death penalties more often than nonbelievers. Here in peaceful Finland,EU many believers are (some pretend, some theologians) more peaceful and seem hard to swallow that. In real anonymous forum field many creationists seem to be brutally cruel.

    Thanks !


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