A Chorus Link

ChorusLineMovie.jpg I haven’t done one of these for a while.

Chris Schoen discusses freedom of religion. So does Brandon. They’re being dicks to Russell Blackford.

Pat Shipman has a hypothesis that humans connect with animals as a result of our symbolic capacities, as discussed here by Greg Downey.

P. D. Magnus discusses Homeostatic Property Cluster accounts of kinds. I really like the footnote “Imagine the usual flurry of citations here.”

Apparently punditry is disconnected from facts. Beck and Limbaugh assert known falsehoods. Film at… hell, nobody will ever show that film apart from Jon Stewart.

The co-author of a paper that was reported by Woo Central as “Darwin was WRONGnotes that they didn’t even mention Darwin in the paper and they don’t think Darwin was wrong. To their credit, Huff posted a critical piece too, but only after they changed the headline.

Politicians as rocket designers? Oy. But it’s not the first time.

I’m not going to comment on the paper arguing that altruism in eusocial insects is not the result of Hamiltonian inclusive fitness. Johnny at Ecographica has done a better job than I could anyway.

Finally, it looks like breeders have exhausted the genetic diversity in existing populations of wheat, and without GM insertion will not be able to increase yields.

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