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Beverly-hills-cop-1.jpgMy old lecturer and masters advisor John Bigelow gives a lovely lecture on realism and the ideas of recently departed Barry Taylor. I strongly recommend watching this.

When are American Twitterers least happy? 2pm. [11Mb PDF]

The only scientist in the UK House of Commons is appalled at the lack of scientific literacy of his colleagues.

Avidans evolve memory.

Don’t like jellyfish? Get used to them. Now that we have overfished their predators, they are becoming much more common.

A list of history of science blogs and Twitter feeds at Dispersal of Darwin.

The wasp that leads a cockroach by the antenna to its doom, at The Loom.

The Quack Doctor is a great blog of patent medicine history. I found this: “Homeopathy made plain to the meanest capacity”.

3 thoughts on “Beverley Hills Link

  1. The Bigelow lecture on Taylor. Yes. Very nice. Thank you. I think I finally get the realism vs anti-realism debate. It is nice to know that there really isn’t all that much left at stake in the debate.

    Having recently spent far too much time learning about p-zombies, I was amused by the quote from someone (Smart or Lewis?) to the effect that he agreed with the content of Taylor’s book, but not with the spirit.

    Yeah, put me down as a p-zombie anti-realist who tries to avoid the angelic stance.


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