The title is the Twitter hashtag for the ongoing implosion at Scienceblogs. Now several more have left the building, PZ is on strike (and so Twittering up a storm), others are thinking about it, and people are making snide satires at rival networks.

My friend Mike Dunford has left, which is sad, and so has Grrl, but so has Zuska, which is less so. John Lynch does a good retrospect on this. Carl Zimmer is maintaining a list of motile rodents

Later: Ex-Scibling Dave Munger makes sensible points.


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55 Responses to #SBFail

  1. Wes, do something useful and puke on Dr Isis’s shoes instead.

  2. It’s so funny when feminists play “no true scotsman” to justify stupid.

  3. matty

    I wondered at the time about the mysterious ‘incident in the back room’ that prompted John to leave sb. Now seeing what I assume is a small taste above I’m glad not to know. Was there ever a disagreement *about* anything or was it all insult trading?

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