For Opinionated Bastards

I have set up a WordPress blog called Opinionated Bastards, after Lorax called himself that in the “Who… Are You?” thread.

The idea is that if you do not blog but want to rant and rave occasionally, you can do so there. If you do blog but want to get more interest in your rants, you can either crosspost, or post the opening paragraph and link to your own site. Subscribers will get a feed of appropriately splenetic purple prose. Fun will be had.

This is in part inspired by the Scienceblogs fiasco, for those who want to make sure they are still noticed after leaving the Mothership. When I left my readership dropped by half. This is a cushion for those migrating elsewhere.

Drop me a line for a contributor account, and giving your own blog URL and name. Anyone can play, if they publish what is in the Administrator’s final and absolute opinion something of the right kind: public intellectual issues, critical and constructive, so long as they are opinionated.

7 thoughts on “For Opinionated Bastards

  1. This is a great idea, although I can’t help but feel that it would be more successful if it had sponsorship. I hear that Pepsico would be willing to sponsor the blog is they could have a rant about sugary carbonated drinks.


  2. ScienceBlogs have apparently caved and removed the Pepsi blog. Not that this will tempt anybody back, I shouldn’t think. But it was an impressively weak performance throughout by Seed. I stand educated in business ethics.


  3. “When I left my readership dropped by half.”
    huh. That surprises me. My bookmarks, rss feeds, etc are all linked to blogs, not SB, though that’s where most are.
    I suppose few of your WWW readers are familiar with you from TO, either; time marches on.


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