Dirty Linking

How to apply to graduate school in the US and UK, written for Australian students, by Alison Fernandes.

The NHM is making “pre-emptive” cuts of entire departments without consultation to save money. Via Richard Grant. This, shortly after the House of Lords noted that systematics and museum work was in a parlous state in the UK.

Is Orthodoxy going the way of the Baptists and other fundamentalists? Not really, says Rod Dreher.

An excellent short history of analytic philosophy. Courtesy of Siris.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Linking

  1. The short history of analytical philosophy is truly excellent, thanks John/Sirus. Very appropriate given that this year is the 100th anniversary of Whitehead’s and Russell’s Principia Mathematica.


  2. One thing I would emphasize to any Australian student applying to an American grad school (have done, repeatedly): get your application (and ALL supporting documentation) in EARLY. Preferably months before the official deadline. I had a vacation job in the graduate admissions office of an American university (one now highly ranked for philosophy by the Leiter organization) when I was a student and can tell a horror story. Applications from overseas students (or, as my wife is now discovering, l;ocally resident students with partially overseas histories) go through an extra layer of bureaucracy… which can be unbelievably inefficient. One of my memories is of processing “So sorry, your application wasn’t complete by the deadline so we can’t let you in” letters to students who (as I found out later when the foreign students’ office finally got around to sending over documents they had been sitting on for six months) actually had met the deadline.

    Americans don’t actually BELIEVE in foreigners (at least functionalistically: they may give verbal assent to “There are inhabited countries other than ours,” but the belief doesn’t motivate action), and their institutions aren’t organized to take the requirements of possible foreigners into account.


    1. Thanks Allen. Perhaps you should drop this as a note to Alison via Mark Colyvan at Sydney.


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