Mickey Mortimer on nomina dubia and indeterminate taxa.

Nick Xenophon wants to remove tax exempt status for cults. I want to remove it for any institution, and apply it to stated activities, like social welfare work or charitable activities. Why should my taxes support churches in a democracy?

Mark Hoofnagle has an excellent dissection of denialism at, well, denialism blog.

I’m flying off in an hour or two, back to a sensible country, where they put tomato sauce out for the scrambled eggs, not that brown sauce muck.

8 thoughts on “Linkabillies

  1. Aussies are so backwards they get their eggs from mammals. I think that’s why they use vegemite, to cover the taste.


  2. But your taxes don’t support churches – “tax exempt” only means that they don’t pay any, not that yours get given to them.


    1. That’s a form of support, unless you are going to exempt any not for profit organisation.


  3. The more general case is more interesting:

    Why should my taxes support any state funded activity that I disagree with?

    Then noodle off into a discussing of the pros and cons of liberal representative democracy.

    Here in England the state church would love the National Trust to take responsibility for all of the architectural wonders that have great heritage value but are so unfit as contemporary multiple use facilities. But again this is a specific case, and not readily applicable everywhere else.


  4. Cory, semantics doesn’t disguise the fact that churches gain financially at the expense of general revenue.


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