More on the CT teacher case

It now appears that the teacher who was forbidden to teach evolution because it was “philosophically unsatisfying” (ORLY?) was done so by the headmaster, Mark Ribbens, alone. Ribbens tried to impugn teacher Mark Tangarone, a teacher in the Talented and Gifted Program (TAG), by falsely claiming he was “a disgruntled teacher who did not like being supervised and had been disciplined for attendance issues and insubordinate conduct”, after the event became widely known.

I think Mr Ribbens is the problem here, and I hope he is let go for being disgruntled.

3 thoughts on “More on the CT teacher case

  1. Mark Tangarone is one of the finest teachers to be found in Ct. He puts forth his best for each student. It is a sad loss for Weston youth. The Board of Education should take a good deep look at Weston’s administration.


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