When God is watching – a good summary article on the effects of religion on morality. Also, clean smells improve outlook.

A Christian physicist declares the end of Intelligent Design, and the comments are predictable

Are mobile phones actually good for you?

What does “Opinion” mean in science journals?

The Freshwater case in the Guardian.

On fallacies and argument forms

Late addition: French philosopher taken in by literary hoax.

3 thoughts on “Linkages

  1. “The almighty Creator has bestowed upon every animal and every one of its organs the most appropraite and the best adapted temperament for its nature function and conditions…..

    Simlarly every organ is endowed with a hot, cold, moist or dry temprament appropriate to its functional requirments”

    Hot, cold why did they not just go for the full hog instead of excluding two?

    I have a somewhat hot temprament at the moment. I suspect I may have been presented with research of this kind yesterday helping to shape education policy.

    Perhaps I should go have a celery seed enema or somesuch?

    I think Ill go for a nice cup of tea and a sit down instead.


  2. It’s amusing that ID proponents should point with amazement to the eye as evidence of intelligent design, when an intelligent designer could, with no deleterious effect, have slightly rearranged the parts of the eye and prevented the existence of diabetic retinopathy. Whoops! Try again, O Lord!


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