Some interesting links

A speculative journal published by Elsevier may be dropped after it publishes AIDS denialism.

The crisis of faith in rational economics of a Chicago economist…

An article claiming that race as a biological concept got a bad rap.

How Haiti got there, hat tip Leiter

How David Brooks thinks Haiti got there.

How Mega-Shark could take down a 747, hat tip Phil Plait.

Shock! News organisation refuses to report bad science!

Nonshock! News organisation invents science to report!

5 thoughts on “Some interesting links

  1. If the journal is “speculative”, why would you drop it for being speculative – perhaps they should position it as an “inoffensively speculative” journal. (Or, perhaps they’re a bunch of asshats.)


    1. I think the problem is that they should not allow speculation on matters that are already scientifically decided. That HIV may not have caused AIDS was briefly plausible at the beginning of the pandemic, but not now, and giving space to that item (and some others) gives unwarranted plausibility to nonscience. It would be very like allowing, say, a geology journal to publish young earth creationism speculations.


      1. Can I raise you a Galileo here?

        The thing about Medical Hypotheses is that we all know that it publishes some strange stuff, but that’s what it exists for. It’s not as if its reputation isn’t well known.


  2. Just looking through the race paper, and it’s surprising that it ignores all of the recent genetic evidence, and even the techniques that are used nowadays.

    Ho hum.


  3. the david brooks article is an abomination. wild factual errors :

    1. china, along with all the rest of the bric countries has received massive amounts of aid from world bank, imf, etc…., and these funds and loans made huge differences at critical points.

    2. china just had an earthquake (somewhat larger than Haiti’s), and over 70,000 people perished due at least in part to corruption and culture!!!!!!!! why pick on haiti for being unprepared?

    3. the relative geographies and climates of haiti and the dominican rebuplic are wildly different. haiti is in the rain shadow of the central mountains of hispaniola, and much of the ecological devastation on haiti took place before the haitians won their independence.

    mr. brooks just seemed to be waiting for the next disaster in a poor country to grind this tired and ultimately prejudiced axe.


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