A list of my better posts in 2009

I only have spotty internet access (from my GF’s wireless), so I cannot do great and meaningful posts right now. So, I will do what all the cool kids are doing, and post my best for the year, or rather, my better ones. Below the fold…


On the supposed essentialism before Darwin

Science by pedophile

The ontology of biology 4 – pattern and process


Myths about Darwin

Myths 2: The origin of species

Myth 3: Darwin was a Lamarckian

Myth 4: Darwin was a gradualist

Myth 5: Darwin thought evolution relied on accidents and chance

The theological mindset

Laws, theories and models

Natural selection fails with Man – W. R. Greg


Myth 6: Darwin thought everything was due to natural selection

Myth 7: Darwin thought that Australian aborigines were closer to apes than to Europeans

Mill on Kinds and Types

Blumenbach on the unity of the human species, and on species

Science Communication and the Business Model

William Smellie on the great chain of being


New work on lateral transfer shows that Darwin was wrong

On the lateral transfer post

Information and metaphysics

The End of Punditry

The first use of a taxonomic tree

An ancient cladogram


Linnaeus on evolution by hybridism

Is religious cognition adaptive?

The first biological species concept

There is no missing link

What is the “humanities”?

What is “secular”?

Philosophy and evolution

No, it’s not an ancestor either (probably)


A Code of Conduct for Effective Rational Discussion [Stolen, but useful]

Cultural evolution and population density

Quetelet and the origin of statistical and population thinking

The doctrine of double truth

When do species begin?

The Demon Spencer

Linnaeus: the founder of databases

Apes and evolution in the news

Definitions of atheism

The relation between physics and biology

On speciation

The great accommodationism debate

On hierarchies


Evidence and Evolution

On bullying at school, and reunions

Gods above

Social dominance psychology in humans

Social dominance hierarchies


Grayling on Gopnik

Punish the obsessive

Dreams of memes and replicator machines

The tautology problem

tautology 1a: corrections

Tautology 1b: Butler

Rudiments and vestiges

Tautology 2: The problem arises

Tautology 3: The problem spreads

Tautology 4: What is a tautology?

Tautology 5a: The issues

Tautology 5b: The issues, continued


On preventive censorship versus punishment

Tautology 6: A resolution

Tautology 7: Conclusions

Arnhart on Hitler’s Ethic

Butler’s word games

Unscientific Australia

Going backwards, or, devolution?


Counterintuition: Bdelloid Rotifers

What came before Darwin

On gods and religion

Defining religion

Darwin and Blumenbach


Philosophy as forgetting, and index characters

Darwinian evolution for culture

Lazy Manager Theory

It was 150 years ago tomorrow

Computers aren’t science

What counts as “unique”?

Darwin was not badly received by the church


On vitalism

Copernicus did not demote humanity

Sausages, and science

I hope this gives you some pleasure and thoughts over the new year break. Happy new year from me.

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  1. Happy New Year and happy Bonding. Sorry our attempts to kidnap you did not work. We are not good at Evil Planning.


  2. As this a purely arbitrary day of the year I don’t regard it as the beginning or end of anything but if you wish to abide by these strange human rituals I will also wish you a happy new what ever.


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