Quark Philosophy Blog Awards

Yes, you can vote for your favourite philosophy blog entry. In addition to a certain immodest antipodean ape, there are a number of other interesting posts I have bolded in the list beneath the fold. You choose. No pressure…

  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Penne For Your Thought
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: The Temporal Prospects of Humanity
  3. Another Heidegger Blog: Interview with Jeffery Malpas
  4. Biophilia: Altruism Through Genocide
  5. Biophilia: Holy Gibberish!
  6. Blog & ~Blog: Graham Priest’s Theory of Change
  7. Brain Hammer: Bandwidth and Storage in the Human Biocomputer
  8. Cognition and Culture: Descarte’s Skull
  9. Der Wille Zur Macht und Sprachspiele: Nietzsche’s Causal Essentialism
  10. Engage: Conversations in Philosophy: Empathy, Equity, and the Wise Latina Judge: Sotomayor and the Supreme Court Oath of Office
  11. Evolving Thoughts: Aristotle on the Mayfly
  12. Evolving Thoughts: “Class” War
  13. Evolving Thoughts: Darwin, Atheism, and the Catholic Church
  14. Evolving Thoughts: Darwin, God and Chance
  15. Evolving Thoughts: Darwin thought evolution relied on accidents and chance
  16. Evolving Thoughts: Definitions of Atheism
  17. Evolving Thoughts: How to derive an ontology in biology
  18. Evolving Thoughts: Information and Metaphysics
  19. Evolving Thoughts: Laws, Theories and Models
  20. Evolving Thoughts: Phenomena
  21. Evolving Thoughts: Philosophy and Evolution
  22. Evolving Thoughts: The Doctrine of Double Truth
  23. How Not to Win A War: Light ’em up, Baber!
  24. How Not to Win A War: On Ideology
  25. Hyper Tiling: Unheimlich Realism (and Zombies)
  26. In Living Color: Can you be blamed for forgetting?
  27. In Search of Enlightenment: The Availability Heuristic and the Inborn Aging Process
  28. Justin Erik Halldór Smith: The Fundamentals of Gelastics
  29. Larval Subjects: Object-Oriented Ontology and Scientific Naturalism
  30. Larval Subjects: Speculative Realism and the Unheimlich
  31. Let Us Philosophize: Against Much Erudition
  32. Matters of Substance: How Many Regions of Spacetime Actually Exist?
  33. Methods of Projection: Wittgenwanker
  34. Minerva’s Howl: On Retrospective Prophecy
  35. MSU Philosophy Club: Philosophy and Video Games: Idealism and Closure
  36. Object-Oriented Philosophy: English Stylists and Related Matters
  37. PEA Soup: Constraints: Agent-Focused or Victim-Focused
  38. PEA Soup: Scanlon on Moral Responsibility and Blame
  39. Perverse Egalitarianism: Early Heidegger: Fundamental Ontology
  40. Philosophy, et cetera: Reflecting on Relativism
  41. Philosophy Sucks!: The Contestability of (P & ~Q)
  42. Philosophy Sucks!: Reflections on Zoombies and Shombies Or: After the Showdown at the APA
  43. Possibly Philosophy: Uncertainty in the Many Worlds Theory
  44. Public Reason: On Public Reason and Justificatory Liberalism
  45. Specter of Reason: Discovery, Demonstration, and Naturalism
  46. Specter of Reason: The Language of Consciousness
  47. Specter of Reason: Wise on Intelligent Design in the Classroom
  48. Strange Doctrines: Third-World Zombies and (Ana) Qualiac Reference
  49. The Edge of the American West: Part 1, All noble things are as difficult as they are rare
  50. The Edge of the American West: Part 2, The Best of All Possible Worlds
  51. The Edge of the American West: Part 3, Why should we be loyal to reason if it pushes us into the abyss?
  52. The Garden of Forking Paths: Defining Determinism and Such
  53. The Garden of Forking Paths: To Hell With the TNR Principle
  54. The Immanent Frame: Immanent Spirituality
  55. The Prosblogion: An Opinionated Play-by-Play of the Plantinga-Dennett Exchange
  56. The Space of Reasons: A Counterexample to Setiya
  57. The Space of Reasons: Dilworth’s Functional Consonance
  58. Tomkow: Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics
  59. Tomkow: The Good, The Bad and Peter Singer
  60. Underverse: Refuting “It,” Thus
  61. Wide Scope: Emotions and Moral Skepticism
  62. Yeah, OK, But Still: An Ethics of Honor
  63. Zompist: Understanding the Chinese Room

Zompist’s post is particularly good.

10 thoughts on “Quark Philosophy Blog Awards

  1. In order to vote fairly, and I try always to be fair, I would have to read the 51 entries that are not by you and then go back and read the 12 entries that are by you and then re-read all the ones that inpressed me the first time followed by re-reading those that continued to please the second time round and then…

    Forgetit! I’m not voting!


  2. I am convinced that #32 (the one about regions of spacetime) is meaningless nonsense. Hasn’t the blogger studied his Ly Tin Wheedle? All places are one place, and that place is very large. End of discussion.


  3. I just played to my own bias (perhaps my two week crash course reading up on the history of science at the national library is having an influence)and picked the one most usefull to me.

    As transfinite arithmetic does not score high in my list of things to do went for the Doctrine of Double Truth instead.


  4. I looked through all the articles yesterday, and made a shortlist of those that I considered worth another look when my brain was fresh. This morning I’ve taken that second look, and come to the conclusion that out of those articles which I have not read before, there is not a single one that makes me feel enriched to have read it. Not a single one that I could recommend to others. At best, some articles are interesting in their incidental observations but not in their conclusions.

    Those that I have read before are those by Wilkins, and the one by Zompist (Mark Rosenfelder). But I thought the articles were supposed to have been written in the last year? The one by Zompist is old, as in really old, as in I’m sure it was published on his website in the nineties.

    Both Wilkins and Zompist belong to the set of people whose online writings (such as blogs) I read regularly.


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