The Antarctic Grrl

I’m very conflicted about this because I wanted to go to the Antarctic (but not for a month), but GrrlScientist has thrown her fedora into the circus, so I will tell you all to go vote for her to win the “spend a bloggy month in Antarctica” comp. Just so long as you vote for me when a “Send a blogger to Space” comp comes along.

Or vote for my friend Wesley Elsberry. Damn! Now I’m conflicted!

6 thoughts on “The Antarctic Grrl

  1. It doesn’t bode well for the expidition if they illustrate blogyourwaytoantarctica with a pic of a polar bear! You can’t get more lost than that.


  2. moochas smoochas, john!

    i agree, eddie, but i checked their site more carefully and they apparently specialize in trips to the arctic and the antarctic, so that’s what the polar bear in their banner is about.


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